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“HOPE” is an ode to the great mammals of Africa.


Africa is unique, and every morning is a wonder to the sound of the first birdsong which makes the heart of wild life beat. Beyond the animal portraits, the photographs in the book are accompanied by texts from writers, philosophers and scientists, to invite everyone to reflect on the relationship between Man and the wild world.


During my first trips to Africa, many years ago, I was able to observe entire families of animals and large herds. Today on the ground we are seeing how much the situation has changed. I hadn't planned to make this book, but photography is a valuable tool to raise awareness of the beauty and great intelligence of these animals, and also to educate for a better understanding of the wild world.

These emblematic animals accompanied our childhood, and their majesty remains in our imaginations. It is unthinkable to accept the idea that these majestic animals could disappear from these great spaces of freedom for future generations. Men and women are working on the ground to protect this wildlife. And each of us has the power to support them, but also to act today in our daily lives, and thus to maintain Hope.



The book

  • Book of 108 pages

    Luxoart paper print 170 g

    Size 22*22

    Bilingual French - English

    €26 incl. VAT

    ISBN 978-2-9567437-0-5

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