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photography catherine lefrancq photographer
photography of catherine lefrancq photographer

It was during one of her volunteering for wildlife conservation that Catherine Lefrancq had the opportunity to discover the power of photography to raise awareness of the fragility of the world around us. Her work focuses above all on the beauty of the natural world and her inspiration is rooted in the places she travels and the encounters that take place there.Catherine's fine art photography has been featured in galleries and exhibitions. Her visual stories have captured public attention as a talented photographer in the field. Catherine's work showcases the beauty and majesty of the natural world in all its forms. Browse a selection of his works and discover the magic of her unique perspective on the world around us.


"If I try to analyze why nature and animal photography has become so important in my life over the years, I believe it is because there are few moments that provide such a feeling of fullness, of communion with Life. Nature that surrounds us and the animal world bring us a deep feeling of well-being if we listen to them. I am eternally fascinated by the world that I have the chance to observe and to photograph. Self-taught, I have always let my emotion guide my gaze before any technical consideration of my camera .  As a result my photographic work can be very different from one subject to another,  on the back of the emotions that I feel and that I seek to make people feel as well through my photographs”

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